Tribute to Amy WInehouse

Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon

This music production is a celebration of an incredibly talented artist in the truest form, as a songwriter, vocalist and performer. The depth of Amy’s honest, controversial, brilliant and beautiful artistry is beyond what many can understand. Many of Amy’s jazz and hip hop infused poetic songs of very raw, personal reflection will be featured.

In producing and performing this show with n stellar A-list of musicians, my hope is to create an awareness of the impact and relationship between addictions in all forms, domestic violence, depression and mental health. The psychological and physical pressures of pursuing a career in music are not things openly discussed or understood, yet are judged very harshly in the media.

This show features Saskatoon's Heidi Munro and an incredible A list of musicians.

Band : Jack Semple, Sheldon Corbett , Kim Salkeld, Dave Chobot, Brad King , Scott Patrick, Nathan Deganhart , Dave Anderson